Our History

The University of Birmingham Liberal Democrats is the current student body representing the Liberal Democrat party at the University of Birmingham.

As the Birmingham University Liberal Club was founded in 1915, UBLD is amongst the oldest political clubs at British universities. Formerly known as the Birmingham University Liberal Club, the society was relaunched in the 2005 academic year. There is reason to believe that the University of Birmingham Liberal Club was perhaps one of the oldest societies on campus, having been formed in the second decade of the twentieth-century.

The, posthumous, honorary members of the Liberal Democrat Society are the founding father of the University of Birmingham: Joseph Chamberlain, perhaps the most prominent politician to never become Prime Minister, and the only politician to split both major parties, the other being one of the leading lights of nineteenth-century liberalism: John Bright.

In 2012, Chair David Franklin rescinded his leadership of the society in order to take up office as he became the first Liberal Democrat student in recent memory to be elected to the Presidency of the Guild of Students.


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