All in a morning’s work: British attitudes towards the EU, #Eurovision, and #equalmarriage.

@ellispalmer94’s take on #Eurovision2013, #equalmarriage and British attitudes towards the EU!!

Somewhere On The Left

Tonight, I’m attending an event at the National Liberal Club in London and so I thought that I would a blog about what has been on my mind this weekend: Europe, Eurovision, and equal marriage.

Let’s look at why Europe has been on my mind first of all. Firstly, on Friday, I attended the filming of the regional version of a popular current affairs show in Birmingham. My hosts were excellent, but both of the MPs that were on this edition of the show were fervent Eurosceptics from the opposite sides of the political spectrum. As I was watching the screening of this show from the gallery, I was forced to reflect on what I see as a strange aspect of British politics presently: Euroscepticism. What I fail to understand is why British political discourse is so anti-EU?

What has the EU done wrong for the British? Very little; in…

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