High-speed rail? Yes, please – Musings on the 10:15 from Birmingham Moor Street to London Marylebone

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Somewhere On The Left

The railway infrastructure of the United Kingdom is atrocious. Yes, I did just say what politicians should have said years ago. Something needs to be done and FAST. We used to have the best railways in the world; now, even debt-ridden nations such as Spain have better services than us. Why? Because they have domestic high-speed rail services and we, the nation that once had railway services that were the envy of the world, are now laughed at by other developed economies due to our lack of domestic high-speed rail services.

High-speed rail should have been done years ago, shouldn’t it? But it wasn’t, because of the inefficiency of the nationalised railways and then the relentless rush to make a profit by the privatised franchises. The Chiltern Railways service that I am currently travelling on is one of few remaining examples of reasonably-priced, efficient services. I travel frequently on services…

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