UB Lib Dems hold Europe event with MEP

UB Lib Dems hold Europe event with MEP

A massive Lib Dem thank you to those that came tonight to our event with Phil Bennion! *hugs*. At the event, a plurality of topics were discussed, including: food security, Britain’s place in the EU, the situation in Hungary, the free-trade deal with NAFTA, Turkey, the Copenhagen Criteria, and vergangenheitsbewältigung!
We are always open to suggestions for future events; please get in touch with any ideas/things that you would to like to see from us 😀

Much Liberal love,
Your UB LibDems Committee

The Libertine

Liberal Youth’s statement on today’s speech by Nick Clegg’s on immigration policy.

Nick Clegg’s announcement on immigration will damage his plans to build a stronger economy in a fairer society. Immigration is fundamental to building a stronger economy, and a fairer society cannot exist whilst there is discrimination of nationality.

If Nick Clegg truly wants to enable everyone to get on in life, he should re-consider this new illiberal stance on immigration.

Liberal Youth oppose Nick Clegg’s ‘security bonds’ policy, which will stifle foreign entrepreneurship and investment in Britain. We should be encouraging people to start up businesses in here, which create jobs and economic growth.  We cannot say we are being open and tolerant on immigration, whilst putting up further barriers to those who want to come into this country, to work and to get on.

Nick Clegg has failed to learn from Labour’s mistakes on immigration, by proposing a bloated bureaucratic solution which is neither liberal nor economically viable.

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UB Lib Dems present: Phil Bennion MEP

We are delighted to be hosting the Liberal Democrat MEP for the West Midlands this Friday!

The evening will provide a chance to ask questions about the future of the European Union, some of the challenges it faces, and the role of the Liberal Democrats in Europe.

Regardless of your political affiliation, we hope to see you there!

The UoB Liberal Democrat Society Extraordinary General Meeting

The UoB Liberal Democrat Society Extraordinary General Meeting

Lib Dems EGM – Friday, 1st of March 2013

On Friday, the University of Birmingham Liberal Democrats held an extraordinary General Meeting to elect the position of Treasurer. Sam Jones was elected to the position of Treasurer.

See the minutes below for more information.
In attendance – Jonny Wharrad (Chair), Matthew Dougherty (Vice Chair), Ellis Palmer (Secretary), Sam Jones.

Apologies – John Belsham, Hannah Lane, Oliver Ingamells, James Phillips

Election for Treasurer 

Sam Jones Stood

In his speech, he outlined his experience as part of the Politics Society committee, and with Birmingham Friends of the Earth. He stated how this would benefit the society, and that he felt he could contribute to the committee. He emphasised his responsibility, and punctuality to all events.

RON was also a candidate in this election.

Sam Jones won 

The meeting was concluded. We will now seek a handover meeting at the earliest possible opportunity.