David Laws announced as chair of manifesto working group

The Federal Policy Committee of the Liberal Democrats has confirmed the appointments to the party’s 2015 Manifesto Working Group.

The full membership is:

  • David Laws MP, Chair
  • Sharon Bowles MEP, Vice-Chair
  • Duncan Brack, Vice-Chair (FPC Vice-Chair)
  • Nick Clegg MP (Leader, FPC Member)
  • Tim Farron MP (President, FPC Member)
  • Duncan Hames MP (FPC Chair)
  • Cllr Dr Julie Smith (FPC Vice-Chair)
  • Dr Julian Huppert MP (FPC Vice-Chair)
  • Jenny Willott MP (FPC Member)
  • Baroness Sal Brinton (FPC Member)
  • Jo Swinson MP
  • Lord John Shipley

The announcement was confirmed to the Parliamentary Party Meeting of the Liberal Democrats tonight [Tuesday].
In an email to Liberal Democrat party members, Chair of the Federal Policy Committee, Duncan Hames MP, said:
“I am delighted to announce that Federal Policy Committee last night approved Nick Clegg’s nomination of David Laws to Chair the 2015 Manifesto Working Group and the twelve-strong group as a whole.
“Alongside David there will also be two Vice-Chairs – Sharon Bowles MEP and Duncan Brack.
“The Manifesto Working Group will take a lead in the drafting of the 2015 manifesto. The group is constitutionally responsible to the FPC, in consultation with the Parliamentary Party. It will also undertake a wider consultation exercise with party members.
“Nick Clegg has charged David Laws and the Working Group with thoroughly stress-testing the deliverability and affordability of the future manifesto and to build on the approach of the last manifesto by clearly identifying our top priorities for a future government.”
Commenting, David Laws said:
“I am very pleased to have been asked by Nick Clegg to chair our 2015 Manifesto Working Group. I look forward to working with our Federal Policy Committee and our MPs and party members to put together a package of policies that will address the big challenges being faced by the country.
“Our task is to build a strong economy and a fair society. I believe that we are the only UK political party which can be trusted to deliver on both of these public priorities.”


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