University of Birmingham Liberal Democrat Society Meeting Minutes – 7/1/13

Attending: John Belsham, Ellis Palmer, Jonathan Wharrad, Matthew Dougherty.

Apologies recieved: Oliver Ingamells, Hannah Lane.

Social Media

  • WordPress – Plan going forward is to nurture content and encourage more views through social Media etc.
  • The development of the Twitter account is going well, with MPs, including party President, Tim Farron, now following the account.

Liberal Youth – Elections and Conference

  • Liberal Youth elections are ongoing; the Society is not actively participating in these.
  • We also decided to submit a proposal to host Liberal Youth Conference in June on Guild premises.

Debate and future panel event

  • Unfortunately, the constitutional reform debate has postponed due to the Debating Society being unable to find speakers to present the case against; the Society found the speakers to present their case and submitted the necessary forms.
  • A panel event was sketched In for the seventh week of term, and perhaps another Smaller scale speaker event at another time.

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